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Do you spend more time trying to organise project tasks than completing them? Are you frustrated with getting your team-members “synced” on the latest tasks, requirements and deadlines? Do you need to share real-time information/statuses/milestones with clients, virtual assistants and team-membes? If so, it sounds like you are in dire need of a cloud-based project management app…and a really good one at that.

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TeamworkPM: A Detailed Review

Project management is an overwhelming task, especially if you lack the tools that will help you get organized.TeamworkPM is one of the opportunities you can try. The online teamwork and project management tool is preferred by many and the following review will help you figure out what makes it special.


What is TeamworkPM?

The application is suitable for organizing the interactions between managers, team members and customers. You can easily create projects and increase responsibility through the addition of milestones, messages for team members, tasks, time tracking and document sharing. There are numerous benefits related to using TeamworkPM. Some of the main advantages that the project management application delivers include:

  • Affordable monthly pricing options starting at 12 dollars per month.
  • A free trial period.
  • A-web based solution that is available anywhere, anytime. You simply need to have internet access.
  • It has more features and it is more affordable than some competing products.
  • There is unlimited number of users per pricing plan.
  • Alerts and notifications are sent via email for better project organization.
  • Reliable customer service.


Why do People Choose TeamworkPM?

There are many project management tools and applications but TeamworkPM seems to be performing much better than some of its competitors like BasecampHQ. What makes the software much more desirable?  


Why are people switching from BasecampHQ to TeamworkPM?

Teamwork delivers a number of features that are unavailable for the Basecamp users. These features include:

  • Timers that enable you to charge customers accurately for the work that you have done.
  • Assignments for multiple team members, which enables you to involve all of the employees that are qualified to do the job.
  • In-depth reporting features.
  • A user-friendly and easy to work with dashboard that gives access to all of the control features.
  • An option for setting up recurring tasks without having to go through the information input and assignment process from the beginning.

One of the TeamworkPM customers wrote the following review:

“This was exactly what I was looking for. I was searching for a simple easy to use project management system without losing its core functionality. I tried different systems including BasecampHQ, some are very complex and some that claim to be simple don’t have the functionality I’m looking for. And some are way too expensive. But after couple of days searching I finally found Teamwork PM, I absolutely love this system.”


What is It Like to Use TeamworkPM?

Do you see yourself as a scatterbrain boss and team manager? You are not alone. So many executives find it difficult to get organized and to manage teams successfully. Relying on TeamworkPM will help you increase productivity and improve the team communication.   


Three major benefits of using Teamwork PM:

1. Keep track of approaching deadlines.   The program makes it easy for you to keep track of approaching deadlines and to have a good idea about the progress that has been made. You have access to email alerts and in-depth reports about the status of a project or a task.

2. Mobile access from any device.  You can also access Teamwork from your phone to monitor the execution of tasks from any location. Teamwork Mobile is the perfect tool for the scatterbrain boss because it enables you to add new tasks, check activity, reply to messages and questions and add a check off a milestone.  

3. Teamwork Collaboration at its best . If you find this insufficient, you can also use Teamwork to:

    •  Share information with team members via social networks
    •  Facilitate the task of doing project risk management
    •  Do backups of all the important files and data
    •  Set task priority and to check the percentage completion of each of the assignments.

TeamworkPM gives great opportunities for the price of the online team management software. The affordability and the range of unique features make it a much better pick than similar products on the market. Every team leader will fall in the trap of disorganization every now and then. Getting access to such a comprehensive solution can facilitate the process of assigning tasks, keeping track of progress and increasing the overall productivity of the team.

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91 Flares Facebook 31 Twitter 33 Pin It Share 9 Google+ 18 91 Flares ×
91 Flares Facebook 31 Twitter 33 Pin It Share 9 Google+ 18 91 Flares ×